Istrianni London

Sleek and elegant handless kitchen with integrated J-Channel beveled groove pull

istrianni london

Istrianni London is stunish as London itself

Istrianni London makes your kitchen a place of perfection to cook, work and play.

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Homely and modern space

This beautifully minimalist  kitchen uses flat panel style cabinets with J handles to create a homely and modern space.

Kitchen with that special glamour factor.

Precisely engineered allows you freedom to design your kitchen to the finest detail.

Variety of materials used makes the kitchen works simply and perfectly. The simplicity of the kitchen fits into almost any interior.

Istrianni London has all the right ingredients.

It’s a beautiful and practical space, where everyone can become chef and create his individual brand of culinary magic. Understated luxury, with plenty of warmth, texture and quality materials, is at the heart of Istrianni London look.

Configure Your Own